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Legal Advice For Florida Probate

If you have been named the personal administrator of a family member’s estate, the probate lawyers at Marrero, Chamizo, Marcer Law LP in Coral Gables are here to answer your questions about wills, trusts and other probate matters. We are a bilingual law firm representing clients in the Miami-Dade area, Broward County and the Florida Keys.

Probate can be a lengthy and involved process, and any mistakes can lead to serious tax and other consequences. Our attorneys are here to guide you through the Florida probate and estate administration process and protect you from personal liability. In addition to personal representatives, we represent beneficiaries and heirs who ask us to protect their interests. We offer a free initial consultation.

What Is Probate?

Probate is the legal process of paying a deceased person’s bills and transferring his or her assets and property to the people who are entitled to receive them. Depending on the size and complexity of the estate, the probate process usually takes about six months to a year.

As an executor, you are responsible for ensuring that the steps of Florida probate are carried out. Those steps include:

  • Submitting a will to the Florida probate court
  • Inventorying the estate
  • Valuing assets
  • Publishing a notice to creditors and paying legitimate bills
  • Paying state and federal taxes
  • Selling items such as real estate
  • Distributing the deceased person’s assets and personal belongings to the people who have the right to receive them under the will (or by Florida’s law of intestate succession if there is no will)
  • Preparing a final accounting of the estate

Not all assets need to go through the probate process. For example, assets held in a trust, stock accounts and life insurance policies can be distributed directly to beneficiaries. Our lawyers will review your family member’s assets and estate planning documents, and let you know which assets need to go through probate.

For More Information About Florida Probate

For legal advice concerning your responsibilities as a personal representative or about what to do when someone dies without a will, call 305-446-9466. We offer a free initial consultation.