Child Custody Disputes

By Marrero, Chamizo, Marcer Law, LP,

Custody Dispute

A Child Custody Battle is stressful for any parent. Especially, when you don’t know your rights or what to expect. Regardless of which parent is making it difficult, you need to face the court and be prepared with a solid plan of action to increase the chances of obtain the result you expect. That’s why it’s important to approach the situation with an experienced Child Custody Lawyer at your side who can help you understand your rights and protect them.

Making difficult decisions that can affect the rest of your lives is not easy. When emotions are high, it can certainly affect your ability to think clearly. If you are working amicably towards an agreement or the court must decide the outcome because neither parent is willing to compromise, we can help. Our Child Custody Lawyers are here to provide you with the knowledge and guidance necessary to protect your rights and the best interest of your family.

If you are facing one of the following scenarios, it is highly recommended that you hire an experienced Child Custody Lawyer right away:

(1) Your ex has an Attorney. You don’t want to find yourself thinking the case didn’t turn out the way you expected because they hired a lawyer and you didn’t!

(2) Your case has become more complicated. If you suspect that your ex changed their mind about sharing custody with you or that your ex will try to convince the court you are an unfit parent, it’s time to hire a lawyer.

(3) If you and your ex live in different states or countries, it’s time to hire a lawyer. Family Law can vary depending on the jurisdiction that is applicable to your case. 

(4) If you believe your child(ren) is/are in danger, you definitely need lawyer representation. The costs of losing your child custody case are too high when your kids’ safety is on the line.

(5) Your ex is trying to prevent you from seeing your kid(s). This is a clear indication that your ex is making this issue more complicated. 

(6) The circumstances of your case have changed significantly.


At Marrero, Chamizo, Marcer Law, our Child Custody Attorneys offer more than 30 years of experience and a solid record of success to work for you. We are here to look after your best interest, guide you through the process, and protect your rights. Call 305-446-9466 now to start working on your plan of action with our Child Custody Lawyers Today!