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Communication important in helping children during divorce

Florida parents who are getting a divorce can help their children adjust during this difficult time. At the outset, they should be honest with their children who will know that something is wrong when a parent moves out. Children need reassurance that the divorce is not about them as well as space to ask questions and process their emotions. If children do not talk about the divorce, parents should start conversations about it and check in to see how they are feeling.

Older couples and divorce

Older couples in Florida are more likely to get a divorce compared to their counterparts in 1990, but this remains the age group that is least likely to split. Furthermore, not all marriages of older couples are equally vulnerable to divorce. For example, a 2012 study found that compared to second or later marriage, first marriages were less than half as likely to end in divorce.

Study examines effects of politics on relationships

Some Florida couples might find they are arguing more about politics since the last presidential election. According to a recent survey by Wakefield Research, 22 percent of people said they knew a couple whose relationship had suffered because of the election of Donald Trump.

Social media and divorces in Florida

Just as social media is becoming a larger part of people's lives, it is also starting to affect the way that divorces are handled. Communications on the Internet, including emails, text messages and posts on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, can be used as evidence during a divorce.

Why couples should have a financial plan for marriage

When Florida couples are planning a wedding, they probably have no thought of ever getting a divorce. It is a fact, however, that divorce rates are rather high, especially for subsequent marriages. Talking about finances and debt in advance can make good sense, especially since money matters are one of the leading causes of marital breakups.

Benefits of a prenuptial agreement

Despite many believing that prenups are only for the wealthy, regular individuals should also consider getting one. Prenuptial agreements are like an insurance policy that protects both people if a marriage fails. There are several reasons couples in Florida might want to consider a prenup before getting married.

College savings and divorce

Florida parents who are facing a divorce might be concerned about college savings they have built up for their child. They might be concerned that if the other parent finds a new partner, they might try to use the money to pay for the education of the partner's child or of a child that they have together.

Elements of the bankruptcy estate

If an individual receives payment for services after filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, it may still be property of the bankruptcy estate. Florida residents may be interested in the finding of a bankruptcy judge in Massachusetts in that regard. In thecase that was decided on Aug. 17, an attorney received $10,000 from a client after filing for Chapter 7 protection for services performed before the petition was filed. The attorney reportedly also billed his client for $291, $8,924, and $2,070 after the petition was filed.

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