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Ways for parents to protect children in a divorce

When Florida parents begin to consider divorce, they might be primarily concerned about its impact on their children. However, they may be able to approach the issue in a way that is less upsetting. The first thing parents should do is consider the timing. Some parents divorce during the school year when they can meet with their attorneys while their children are in class. Others may choose the summer when they have more time with their children.

Court takes second look after placing toddler with known abuser

Investigations by news media have yet to uncover what information caused a Duval County judge in Florida to approve an adoption of a toddler girl by a relative with an active warrant for domestic battery. The court has chosen to evaluate the case again amid concerns that the adoptive uncle and aunt present an unsafe home. The aunt said that her husband, who is the brother of the girl's biological father, had been violent on multiple occasions and had access to a firearm.

Post-divorce shared parenting trend

For years, it has been a common belief that it is beneficial to children for the mother to be the primary caregiver. However, Florida parents who are considering a divorce may want to know that the current trend in child custody matters is that children are more likely to benefit from spending significant time with both parents.

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