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July 2017 Archives

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau issues new arbitration rule

Most Florida debtors know that financial institutions do not issue credit cards until consumers have agreed to a long list of terms. These conditions often include provisions that require any disputes to be settled through binding arbitration. Lenders prefer arbitration because it is less public, less expensive and more predictable than traditional litigation. However, advocacy groups have claimed that these provisions sidestep the courts and are unfair to consumers.

Importance of a timely proof of claim

Florida residents may be interested in a bankruptcy case involving a creditor with a lien on a debtor's property due to unpaid property taxes. The creditor was denied the ability to collect as part of the bankruptcy claim due to specific filing rules for Chapter 13 cases.

Innovative startup wants to relieve medical debt load

Unpaid medical bills burden many Florida residents, especially those without insurance, but also people who have insurance with high deductibles and copays. A startup company called Better was formed to help people address out-of-network medical expenses, and it has announced that it intends to apply its proceeds to settling medical debt for people who cannot pay.

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