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April 2017 Archives

Getting a bankruptcy off a credit report

If a Florida resident files for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, it will likely stay on his or her credit report for 10 years after the filing date. If a person files for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, it will remain on the report for seven years. Unfortunately, there are very few instances in which a person can get the fact that he or she filed for bankruptcy taken off his or her credit report once it shows up on it.

More high-income debtors choosing Chapter 11 bankruptcy

When Florida debtors qualify for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, they might still choose to file under Chapter 11. Despite the greater expenses and complications of Chapter 11, researchers discovered that increasing numbers of individuals were opting for Chapter 11 protection. The ABI Endownment Fund commissioned the study, which found that individuals were entering the Chapter 11 process in increasing numbers.

Unemployment income and Chapter 13 bankruptcy

When individuals or married couples in Florida face financial challenges, they may decide to look into bankruptcy as one among many options for debt relief. Depending on their circumstances, they may opt to file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy which permits them to keep their property as long as they continue to make payments on their obligations for the next three to five years.

Obtaining child support from a parent with a disability

When a Florida couple with children divorces, the non-custodial parent is usually required to pay child support. This is to ensure that the custodial parent has enough money to raise the child. The payment amount will be partially based on the non-custodial parent's income, so anything that reduces a one's ability to earn may also result in a reduction in the child support obligations.

Are you the next target of a mortgage modification scam?

Mortgage modifications are often wise options for people who are behind in their mortgage payments or who are interested in lowering their payments. Unfortunately, there are a lot of scam artists out there conning innocent homeowners.  

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