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March 2017 Archives

Supreme Court sides with truck drivers in bankruptcy case

When a Florida company files for bankruptcy, the workers might worry about receiving their salaries like the drivers who worked for Jevic Holding Corp. They had to take their case all the way to the Supreme Court of the United States after lower courts ignored their $8 million claim for damages while settling the Chapter 11 case for other creditors and paying the lawyers involved. In a 6-2 ruling, the Supreme Court declared invalid the structured dismissal approved previously. The majority of justices agreed that the case could not disregard bankruptcy laws that determine who gets paid first when a business goes bankrupt.

Florida prisoners may not be eligible for chapter 13 bankruptcies

A case involving a felon in prison recently came before a state bankruptcy court. The individual filed for chapter 13 bankruptcy, but the court denied his request since he was making only about $14 per month, which came from the Illinois Department of Corrections. This amount was determined to be insufficient for entering into the repayment plan that is the primary feature of Chapter 13 bankruptcies.

The truth about collection accounts and credit reports

Florida residents may understand that collections activity on a credit report is not ideal. However, they may not know that such activity may not necessarily stay on their credit report for a full seven years. This may be true if the account in question does not belong to the person who a collection agency is attempting to collect payment from. Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, people have the right to dispute inaccurate information on their credit report.

Ways for parents to protect children in a divorce

When Florida parents begin to consider divorce, they might be primarily concerned about its impact on their children. However, they may be able to approach the issue in a way that is less upsetting. The first thing parents should do is consider the timing. Some parents divorce during the school year when they can meet with their attorneys while their children are in class. Others may choose the summer when they have more time with their children.

Reasons to pay off debt

Some people in Florida who are in debt might think that paying it off as soon as possible is not important. So many people carry debt these days that it is often seen as normal to be hundreds or even thousands of dollars in debt. However, there are a number of reasons to get rid of debt as quickly as possible.

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