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February 2017 Archives

How bill collectors pusue left-behind debt

The deceptive practices and intimidating tactics of debt collection companies in Florida and around the country have been criticized by state prosecutors, federal regulators and consumer advocates alike. One approach that has drawn particular ire is the practice of leading the loved ones of deceased debtors to believe that they are responsible for clearing up left-behind obligations. This debt is generally the responsibility of the decedent's estate, but this may not deter bill collectors from calling individuals who have no legal reason to pay them.

Watch out! Modifying your mortgage is not as easy as they say

Are you struggling because of an unexpected job loss or medical emergency? Did a natural disaster - such as a hurricane - wreak your home or business? These things and many others can take a toll on you both emotionally and financially. It doesn't take long before bill payments are behind and home mortgages are under threat of foreclosure.

How bankruptcy may help with auto loan debt

Florida residents may be aware that a lender may repossess a car for not making loan payments. Even if the car is repossessed, a borrower may still be on the hook if the amount that the lender receives from a subsequent sale is less than the balance remaining on the loan. This is referred to as a deficiency, and the borrower is responsible for paying that.

Making debt payments

Young adults in Florida who are part of the millennial generation may have big decisions in mind like purchasing a home or starting a family. Others may have already achieved these important personal milestones. Millennials often have to make major life choices while balancing large debts. Half of them have more than one long-term debt to pay off, and two-thirds have one source of debt.

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