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December 2016 Archives

Changes ahead for incarcerated parents who owe support

Florida parents who are incarcerated may gain the right to request that their child support payments be reduced to reflect a reduction in their income. On Dec. 19, the Obama administration released rules created by the Administration for Children and Families intended to address this issue. These regulations are part of overall Obama administration efforts toward prison reform.

The potential impact of having a bankruptcy case dismissed

Florida residents may know that bankruptcy may be used as a way to reorganize or discharge debt. However, one person who had filed for bankruptcy five times since 2002 was not entitled to a discharge of her debt in a future bankruptcy case. This was the ruling issued by a judge from the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Kansas as he approved a motion to drop her latest Chapter 13 case.

Court takes second look after placing toddler with known abuser

Investigations by news media have yet to uncover what information caused a Duval County judge in Florida to approve an adoption of a toddler girl by a relative with an active warrant for domestic battery. The court has chosen to evaluate the case again amid concerns that the adoptive uncle and aunt present an unsafe home. The aunt said that her husband, who is the brother of the girl's biological father, had been violent on multiple occasions and had access to a firearm.

How will Chapter 7 bankruptcy affect my credit?

One of the top concerns for people considering filing for bankruptcy is the resulting effects on their credit score. A credit score can have a lot of power, dictating where you can live and what you can buy. It is important to know where you will stand after filing for bankruptcy.

Florida debtors may be able to make property transfers

Florida residents who are considering filing for bankruptcy and are thinking about transferring certain assets out of their estate before doing so may be interested in a 2016 decision of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit. According to the Bankruptcy Code, a discharge could be denied for debtors who attempt to make property transfers less than a year before they file for bankruptcy. This time requirement is designed to prevent people from improperly taking advantage of the system and defrauding legitimate creditors.

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