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September 2016 Archives

Man must pay ex-wife's legal fees despite bankruptcy

Florida residents who are interested in finances and the law may want to know of a recent ruling in a spousal support case. A man who was ordered to pay his ex-wife's attorney's fees has lost his appeal of the court's decision. The man had declared bankruptcy and objected to the order to make the $25,000 payment to his ex-wife's attorney, but the court rejected his argument.

Benefits of a prenuptial agreement

Despite many believing that prenups are only for the wealthy, regular individuals should also consider getting one. Prenuptial agreements are like an insurance policy that protects both people if a marriage fails. There are several reasons couples in Florida might want to consider a prenup before getting married.

College savings and divorce

Florida parents who are facing a divorce might be concerned about college savings they have built up for their child. They might be concerned that if the other parent finds a new partner, they might try to use the money to pay for the education of the partner's child or of a child that they have together.

Bankruptcy and mortgage refinancing

Assuming that a Florida homeowner who has filed for bankruptcy owes less on a mortgage than the home is worth, how long a wait is there after the bankruptcy has ended before a refinancing of the mortgage is possible? It partially depends on why the homeowner went bankrupt to begin with. In the event that it occurred because of a job loss, an unexpected expense or other reasons beyond the debtors control, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac allow individuals to refinance within 24 months.

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