Defending You Against Criminal Charges

At Marrero, Chamizo, Marcer Law LP in Coral Gables, our criminal defense attorneys are here to protect your rights and fight for your freedom and your future. We are a bilingual law firm representing people accused of crimes in the Miami-Dade area, Broward County and the Florida Keys. We offer a free initial consultation to discuss the charges you face.

A criminal conviction can affect your life in many ways beyond a fine or possible jail time. It could result in a lifetime criminal record that will make it harder to get a job. If you are an immigrant, it can result in deportation.

Our goal in any criminal case is to minimize the effect the charges have on our client's life. If our lawyers can resolve the charges without the stigma of a criminal conviction, we will. If you are an immigrant, we will do everything we can to prevent the charges from affecting your immigration status. Our job is to fight for you.

Protecting Your Freedom And Your Future

We defend people accused of all types of crimes in South Florida, including:

  • Drunk driving: Just because you had a few drinks does not mean that the government can prove that you were driving under the influence.
  • Theft: Theft is a crime of dishonesty. Few employers will hire someone with a theft conviction on his or her record.
  • Domestic violence: Unfortunately, the presumption of innocence does not apply to charges of domestic violence. You could be subject to a protection order before a judge even hears your side.
  • Assault: In many cases, police file assault charges based on nothing more than the statement of the alleged victim.
  • Drug crimes: If you have a drug problem, we will seek to get you treatment, not prison time.
  • Murder: If you are accused of murder, your life is at stake in the outcome.

Whatever criminal charges you face, our attorneys are here to make sure you receive the strongest possible defense.

For More Information About Criminal Charges

Before you talk to police or anyone else, call 305-446-9466 to talk to one of our criminal defense attorneys.